Effervescence MM’7 Promotional Video

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Bombay Vikings To Perform At IIITA

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Bombay Vikings

It is one of the most popular and vibrant pop group in the Indian music industry. Formed in the year 1994, the band made it to the headlines with their catchy number, Kya Soorat hai. . a remix of the old melody, Zaroorat hai.. The group is a trio consisting of the musicians Mats Nordenborg, Neeraj Shridhar and Oscar Soderberg. The group has never looked back since their thrilling and sensational debut and has produced hit songs regularly. In recent times the group has drawn wide applause for their songs Chhorh Do Anchal.., Jhoom Barabar Jhoom.., Bhool Bhulaiya.. etc.

Apart from enthralling audiences through their albums the group is also known for their electrifying stage shows at the national and international level.

Stock Hunt Started

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“Get into groove where time is money, and money is life.”

“STOCKHUNT” -THE Virtual Stock Market .Buy, Sell, Hold!!! .

Get Ready Its Gonna Blow !!!

And the Winners are:

Winner(Rs.2000 + Certificate)   *Total Balance(TB)

 1 aaditya_b04@iiita.ac.in          TB:   270927

Runner Up(Rs.1250 + Certificate):

 2     gautam.anurag@gmail.com      TB:   264012

In addition to this certificates will be provided  to the next top 3

individuals.They are:

3     rshandilya_b04@iiita.ac.in    TB:   262629

4     rnaorem_b04@iiita.ac.in       TB:   209179

5     csreddy_b04@iiita.ac.in       TB:   199716

{#} ---Those who have used wrong means to win  have been Disqualified.

Thank you Everyone!!!! The event was a big  success.


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Want to be the Best of the Best!!

Do you want to show your skills in Business World? If the answer is YES!! Then participate and face a really challenging competition. Prove your supremacy by being the king of this ultimate combat.


Date: 7th November 2007

Time: 10 AM

Venue: Lecture Theater, IIIT Allahabad Campus.


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You daydream of starting your own business and making it big, You always believed you had entrepreneurship skills and a business foresight, you always wanted to showcase them to the world; wake up NOW! Get those creative juices flowing and leverage yourself from being a simpleton in the new business world!


Date: 6th November 2007

Time: 10.00 AM to 2.00 PM

Venue: LT, IIIT-Allahabad


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Ignite your innovative supremacy

Think beyond the horizon, crack the enigma, start thinking, articulate your ideas and convey your creativity, supported by appropriate analysis according to state of affairs, to beat the heat of this vigorous business world.


Date: 5th November 2007

Time: 10.00 AM

Venue: LT, IIIT-Allahabad

AD- Mania

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“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.”

Showcase your innovative thinking, original ideas, perspectives and insights that make you stand apart from the crowd……..


Last date of submission: 28th October 2007

Results of short-listed teams: 30th October 2007

Date of the event: 5th November 2007